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    File Exclusion in SaaS

      I have SaaS installed on a win2003 server and SaaS deletes a .EXE file that is used by all Clients of the app.

      How do I exclude the .EXE from being detected.

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          Peter M

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            Please follow the below steps for excluding the file,


            1. Logon to SecurityCenter (www.mcafeeasap.com).

            2. Please click on the Policies tab.

            3. Click on Add policy.

            4. Select Virus and spyware protection and under spywareprotection mode select reports.

            5. Now, select the exclude files and folders tab.

            6. Select the type and then enter the location or the path of the particular file which you want to exclude from McAfeescanning.(exclude the full path C:\Program Files\)

            7. Save the policy and run a McAfee manual update on your computer.