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    McAfee agent randomly shuts


      For some time we experience annoying problem with the McAfee agent service (McAfee Framework Service).


      The scenario in general looks always the same: while the computers OS starts (Windows 7) agent simply turns off.

      The problem appeared with agents in version 4.5. While looking for solution we made agent upgrade to version 4.8, but it did not bring any improvement.

      I was unable to identify the specific differences between the computers on which it works, and those that cause problems. They have the same set of software, the same policy.

      The problem occurs in a small number of computers (about 20-30 of 1300),  but it is very inconvenient for administrators

      The organization uses a set of software: VSE 8.8 and 8.0 HIPS controlled by ePO 4.6.6



      Here is agent log who regularly makes the problems described above.

      Any suggestions how to solve this problem?