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    Setup Site To Site VPN


      We have a main office with a McAfee firewall running v8.3.1 software. We just leased another office and purchased a firewall for that office as well running the same version of software.  We want that office and the computers there etc. to be transparent as if they were sitting at the main office.  I am planning on setting up a site to site vpn link that terminates on the internal interface of each firewall.  Is this the right way to do it?  Also on our main firewall I have rules that allow certain services to talk across subnets etc.  Do I need to recreate those rules on the new firewall as well or will those rules be used because of the VPN link?  And lastly is there a way to export rules from one firewall and import them into another?  Thanks for whatever help you can provide!


      Also. Our DHCP and DNS servers reside at our main office. i assume that the machines in the remote office can pass DHCP and DNS requests through the VPN?


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