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    Agency splitting into 2 orgs, need new ePO server

      A little background info -


      I work for a state agency that is currently, due to legislative change, splitting into 2 seperate organizations. It's been deemed that about 2/3rds of our current workstations on our single ePO server will need to go under a different budgetary umbrella, but the time-table for this is rather fuzzy. I've been told we're going to need a 2nd ePO server to function in a seperate domain but "work with" the current ePO server, and eventually that 2nd server will be managing about 2/3rds of the current 3000 or so machines we have now.


      What is the best way to accomplish this? How should we setup the 2nd server? Can I have a 2nd server with the big old corporate grant/key package I have? How easy is it to say one server deals with some machines and the original server deals with others?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I believe that corporate McAfee licenses are 'per seat' so as long as the amount of computers doesn't increase, then your OK.


          As for the ePO servers then as long as their on the same network then it would be a simple case of installing the new server, import/create new policies, groups and tasks, register the new server with the old one, import the security keys from old to new and then transfer the computers between the two.