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    DLP Dictionary


      Is there a way to use the DLP Dictionary function to block sites that contain specific text, but not block aggregator sites that might mention that text?


      So, if news.google.com has a bunch of articles about bald chinchillas and corporate policy states that no sites that contain data about bald chinchillas should be allowed, but I don't want to block all of news.google.com just because they've exerpted some text from the bald chinchilla articles, is that possible?

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          Just an idea: Use a combination of the property URL.Categories together with your DLP rules. I.e. only block sites due to DLP if URL.Categories does not contain the category "News".





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            Also, if you are using DLP scanning for inbound content, expect a performance impact on the proxy. I would use it very sparingly on some subselection of sites, like uncategorized sites or Blogs/Wikis that have user content.

            I don't recommend using it on all inbound responses.