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    What rights needed for Message Audit?


      What roles can have Message Audit tab? Currently I can use Message Audit as a Custom Administrator, but what is the minumal role that can use Message Audit?



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          Brad McGarr

          Message Audit is currently only accessible by Customer Administrators and higher.

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            Thanks Brad.


            Do you have any plans to add a read-only role to the product? We need someone to help us to research and toubleshoot emails, but I don't want them to have the ability to change settings. Right now, if the Quarantine Managers can't find the emails in quarantine, we will need to jump in to check if the emails hit our email gateway, or those emails were denied... I would really like to hand some of the responsiblities to someone else without granting their abilities to change anything.





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              It would be nice to see additional granular controls someday. I have to admit, Postini had a great top-down granular admin permissions feature. We now have more administrative support issues than we had before.


              I'll assume McAfee is going to see a greater amount of legacy Postini users looking for a new home, once the direct masses and reseller accounts begin the inevitable transition to Google Apps. McAfee had to see some of this effect, when MxLogic replaced Postini.

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                Brad McGarr

                Atlsky & Frankm,


                We are seeing a number of clients moving over from Postini as Google begins their product transition. We anticipated some friction for new customers simply because these are completely different products, much in the same way someone accustomed to riding a motorized scooter will have adjustments to make if they jump into a F1 race car or Class A RV. Postini and the McAfee SaaS Service both block spam, but they have entirely different designs and configurations.


                As such, currently our roles are pre-defined, and are designed to fit most organizations. The product was not designed with the ability to customize access levels per customer. We understand that these roles may not fit each organization exactly as desired. However, in large part most of the organizations we work with, from large multi-nationals and government agencies down to small businesses use these roles without issue.


                Roles have been added and altered in the past to facilitate growing and changing requirements of our customer base, so I anticipate that eventually there may be changes made, but at this time none are planned that I am aware of.


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                  Being that McAfee once used Postini, I would assume McAfee would understand the mindset of legacy Postini users. Having used Postini for 10+ years, and watching competitive services like MxLogic, that was a good move to pull away from Google's control and lack of enhancements we had been waiting on for years.


                  The easy call to use McAfee, was its close actions similar to Postini. Many of our own direct accounts, did not really notice their spam reports changed or did they care that they needed to update their login URL and password. Many liked the enhanced password control.


                  However, the issue we are having is the forced deny of any critical spam greater than the >=0.99999999 scoring, without giving the account the choice of options to at best, quarantine the message and at least add to the global allow list. We are having more issues with this than we had with Postini, where at least the account could choose to accept this scoring and option to deliver or quarantine.

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                    Brad McGarr



                    Critical Spam is designed specifically to deny unless there is an allow list entry. Unlike medium or high likelihood spam scores, which are often caused by misuse of mail marketing, Critical Spam often results from a more serious threat. Malicious mail, phishing mail, etc. coming from an IP address is one of the major causes. If a server or network is compromised and sending out this type of mail, we want to limit it's deliverability as much as possible, which is where prior knowledge of the sender and the ability to put a sender on the allow list are the only methods to bypass this level.


                    We welcome enhancement requests, and encourage you to put these in via support tickets with the team or partner that supports your account. That said, enhancements take time to consider, build, test, and deply. Some are never considered, especially those that would require drastic changes  to the architecture of the system or those that compromise safety and security.

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                      I agree with Frank, give the account the option to deny spam scored higher than .9999.  We have an issue where messages are not even hitting quarantine.  Legit messages from foreign countries to US.  Would be helpful to have this option.  Submitting a feature request...