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    4.6.6 Agent Handler


      We have upgraded both test and production environments to ePO4.6.6 and Agent 4.8.  We are experiencing an issue with the Agent Handler.  First the Agent Handler service on the ePO server would not start, but was corrected with a system reboot.  The agent handler was clearly communicating with the ePO server befire the 4.6.6 upgrade.  The MA 4.8 was eaisly pushed to the Agent Handler server and is actively communicating with the ePO server.  When running the Agent Handler installation .exe, as we have always done in the past, we are reciving a "SetUp cannont detect a compatible ePO server".  The Agent Handler shows enabled, but inactive, in the ePO interface.  We searched error logs on the agent handler and nothing shows a warning or fail message.  Cannot find a way to disable and re-enable within epo interface as possible correction path.  I have uninstalled the 4.6.2 Agent Handler software and attempted to installed 4.6.6 version as a possible means to correct the issue and rule out corruption. 


      Can anyone offer suggestions and/or point me to documenation or thread that may already have the answer.  I have searched and not finding anything that assists in resolvng.