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    False Positive - Artemis!B7FEB7FC7F56

      Allow me to e-Introduce myself,


      I am the analyst responsible for monitoring security at Wajam.com.

      We would like to report a false positive report with respect to our web application.


      Problem encountered:
      VirusTotal reports
      McAfee flagged 'wajam_validate.exe' as

      McAfee-GW-Edition flagged 'wajam_validate.exe' as Artemis!B7FEB7FC7F56


      Direct download link:


      We can assure you that our application is not malware and we'd like to know what steps need to be completed in order to remove this detection.


      Here is a list of security certifications, Wajam has received to date:

      TRUSTe Certification:
      http://clicktoverify.truste.com/pvr.php?page=validate&softwareProgramId=212&seal id=112

      McAfee SECURE TrustMark:


      Norton Secured Seal:
      https://trustsealinfo.verisign.com/splash?form_file=fdf/splash.fdf&dn=www.wajam. com&lang=en


      Please confirm the appropriate next steps, as we would like to resolve this as quickly as possible.


      Best regards,