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    SIEM command line management


      Hello SIEM specialists,

      is it possible to use command line on McAfee SIEM to manage the solution? Lets say, I have several hundreds of MS Windows Servers, I have list of IP addresses and I want to add them using a script instead of clicking one by one manually.

      Is there any interface for such actions (at least some) or do I have to use the GUI only?

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          No, but you can upload a CSV file.


          Go to the properties of your Receiver.


          Go to Data Sources and Export


          You can then modify this file to add servers (read the doc for advanced use).




          -I suggest you create data source groups (parents) manually, and add children after

          -Only the lines with an OP of edit, add, remove will be affected

          -If you manipulate the file with Excel, it will change your Receiver number into scientific notation, so you will need to re-edit it back using Notepad.

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            Thank you althena, this solves the problem of batch adding the sources. Thank you.