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    Uninstall - remove McAfeeEx

      I have an Asus laptop/tablet with windows 8, that came pre installed with McAfee product.

      Before activation I uninstalled all McAfee installs from the Windows 8 'Remove program' option in the configuration menu.

      After that a lot of stuff was still installed and running.

      So I downloaded MCPR from your website and ran that.

      Almost everything is gone now.

      There is one folder with the name 'McAfeeEx' under 'program files' that is still there.

      How can I uninstall/remove this? There is a folder inside 'McAfeeEx' by name 'Uninstall' with 3 files;





      If I right click on the 'inf' file and click on 'Install', I get an error that the inf file does not support the method.


      Can I just remove the 'McAfeeEx' folder or does it need an 'Uninstall'?


      Thanks in advance,