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    McAfee Endpoint Encryption

      Hi Guys,


      I'm not familiar with the McAfee Endnpoint Protection. I would just like to clarify some things. What if I copied a certain file on the PC that was encrypted by this product, Will I be able to open that file on the other machine?  Or the file requires  a password before you open it? Thanks in advance.

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          yogi derek

          McAfee has two products for endpoint encryption:


          1. McAfee EEFF (End point encryption for file and folder): Encrypts the files and folder

          2. McAfee EEPC (End point Protection for PC) : it is the hard disk encryption


          for EEFF i will recommend you to understand the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).


          Answer to your question is if the key is shared with the computer on which you have a copied the encrypted file you will be able to open that file, if key is not shared you won't be able to open it. EEFF completely works on key exchange mechnaism.

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            Thank You very much for response!