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    McAfee 'Scan' not working?

      Recently my Mcafee sercurity isn't doing the necessary scans (quick or full) and i'm worried it's leaving my laptop vunerable to virus'. What should I do to make it do them? It occasionally pops up and tells me my computer is at risk but when I click to do a scan it says my computer is protected then loads as if it's scanning but the percentage stays at 0 and sometimes (not always) it tells me it can't do anything because there is 'no internet connection' when there is. I'm really worried about my laptop's sercurity: is there anything I can do?




      Extra: I have a six month old HP Pavilion G6 and the sercurity is provided via BT. My dad has the same security and it works fine. 

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          Peter M

          It could be corrupted.  Have you run registry cleaners by any chance, they can cause this?  You might also want to check for malware by running Stinger, RootkitRemover and perhaps also Malwarebytes Free  - see the last link in my signature below.

          If you decide to use Malwarebytes do NOT accept the free trial or else you will end up with the paid version.

          Also after the above you may want to run the Virtual Technician as it can often fix things.  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If all the above fail to improve matters then uninstall everything in the normal manner, then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall from your online account.


          If that doesn't help, Technical Support is available free of charge by phone or online chat (24/7) via this link:  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=2057&sg=TS

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            Thank you so much for getting back to me. I'm looking at registry cleaners now, I know literally nothing about laptops so I had no idea what to download! I'm considering completely rebooting my laptop in the hope it makes a difference but i'm definitely going to try the options you provided. I've removed a sims game and any unknown downloads' from my laptop and it seems to be working better even from that so fingers crossed!

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              Peter M
              looking at registry cleaners now

              What I meant was, had you been running any ?   Because they can cause corruption in the software.  If you have then usually they have a restore button that aloows you to return to whatever the states was prior to their use.


              However - you seem to be dealing with the issue.  Good luck!