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    Safeboot fail driver can't recogized



      The problems happend because some days ago my microsoft office have problems and I tried to remove it but can't remove all.


      Then I remove some register from Regedit.


      Then comeputer became corrupted.


      I ask IT the safetech code but they didn't tell me.( maybe because they are on holiday that time)


      And I got the Safetech PE 2.0 and try to do it my self.


      Then, when I use the Safe Tech Win PE2.0. I saw my C driver, D Driver, And X driver( safeboots driver). From A43 file management Utility.


      I made the biggest mistake from here.


      I copy the backup Registry and put it back to config folder, Restart my computer.....


      Then come the error:


      Error: 0e0030002

      Unable to mount the SBFS


      I try to use Safetech or Safetech Win PE.


      Then All the C driver and D driver because raw driver. ask for format.


      Any chance to recover the datas?


      My computer: Dell Pricision M6500


      Many thanks for all suggestions.