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    Installing McAfee for Bell Security Replacement

      I have tried many times to intall the above on my Dell laptop but cannot get past the conflicting program message. It states that I have a program called Radial Point which will conflict with McAfee Security. I have searched for this program to delete it, even in hidden files but it does not appear to be found on my computer. The program installed fine on my MDG desktop which is using Windows XP service pack 3 and at the same time deleted the existing Bell Internet Security Package just like it was supposed to. This Dell laptop is using Windows Vista Home Edition. A Bell rep tried yesterday by remote but the remote control applet timed out before he could find the problem, not that I had much hope in the first place, sorry Bell but your customer support sucks.


      At present I have no protection at all because the Bell Security Package is not working now either.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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          Peter M

          Radial Point is involved in AT&T software sometimes so Bell may have some kind of Service Module included with their version that acts similarly, and Iolo System Mechanic uses it.  - Does that make any sense?  I know the latter is not compatible.

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            Peter M

            Also here's an old thread on the same theme:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/34405 - it may help.

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              Many thanks Peter. I went on line to Bell again and once more let the Bell agent take over my laptop. I watched with amusement as he tried to erase the Bell Security Programs only to be given many error messages and total confusion. He then tried to download the McAfee program using my IE version 9 which I believe is almost a McAfee requirement only to have it hang. He then downloaded Google Chrome again and tried to download with that. Hang up again. I had initially told him that today was the last chance for Bell to keep my business as I will cancel everything, phone, Internet and TV if he could not fix the problem. I will be contacting Mr. Simon Laprade at the Bell Executive Offices on Monday to discuss this a little further. The direct number for Simon is 1-888-495-7595 noon to 8pm Mon-Fri for anyone else with a Bell beef.


              Anyway, the agent eventually hit the skip button at the warning message and said that all is now okay. I typed back that all would not be okay because I had reached this point several days ago on my own. The laptop will not obey sleep instructions, will freeze up, etc., etc. and upon re-boot will give about twenty error messages. I terminated his control immediately and re-booted. As expected all the error messages occurred plus the McAfee continuous monitoring was stopping and starting every 10 seconds or so. I received your reply on my iPad and immediately Googled your suggested program. Would you believe that Sympatico (Bell) has their own version to remove their Security Package. I checked my control panel and sure enough the Bell Security and Bell Checkup programs were still there. Once I ran the uninstall exe both disappeared. On re-boot there were no warnings, all works fine, the display times out as expected, the screen saver kicks in when due and the laptop goes to sleep on timeout as it should.


              Thank you again Peter.

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                Peter M

                So all's well that ends well?    IE9?  On XP IE8 is the highest you can go, IE9 on Vista and IE10 on 7 (and 8 of course).


                McAfee does use IE for all its functions but that is regardless of whatever browser you have picked as your default.  So it really wouldn't have mattered what browser they were making mistakes in.  (Ouch I couldn't resist that).


                I'm glad to know that some other companies have problems too...LOL.


                Glad you are OK and good luck.





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                  Yes Peter IE9 because the problem machine was running Windows Vista Home Edition with SP 2.


                  Just sayin' and thanks again.

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                    Peter M

                    Good.  All the best.