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    How to remove Drive Encryption without the ProtectTools?



      I just did the biggest mistake in my whole life. On my HP ElitePad 900 I had Windows 8. I wanted to delete anything, expect the OS. So I went to the settings, and on Windows 8 you got the option to remove all datas, but keep the OS. So I took this option.


      Well, what I forgot, I had activate the HP Drive Encrytion (the thing that always came when I turned on my tablet). I thought it will go away when i delete the tools. (I didn't do that manually).


      But I have never been so wrong.


      Windows deleted all datas. That means, it deleted the protect tools too. But if I turn on my tablet, it still wants my password. And if I type it in, it still works.


      BUT, I reinstalled the HP ProtectTools, I thought I can deactivate it there. But I was wrong. There is written, that the Volrume C: isn't encrypted.


      And now I got a huge problem. Because I want that tools away, but how?


      I got the password and everything else. But I can't do it away.


      Please help me how to get that away.


      I googled it so many times, but I couldn't find anybody with the same problem that I have.


      So, you can say, I got the password and everything, but don't know how to put the encryption away.


      Thanks for your help!