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    Windows 7 64bit hangs at "Starting Windows"

      We are having lots of problems with systems hanging at "Starting Windows" after installing EEPC, EEFF, and DLP products.



      PC model with problem: multiple models and even virtual machines




      Product Version
      Product Coverage Reports
      Endpoint Encryption Agent
      Data Loss Prevention
      Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders
      Endpoint Encryption for PC




      1st - Install Mcafee Agent on system

      2nd - Install Endpoint Encryption Agent

      3rd - Install EEFF

      4th - Install DLP

      5th - Install EEPC


      I can actually change the order of 3, 4, and 5 but typically after installing the last component the system will reboot and just constantly hang on the "Starting Windows" screen and never fully boot. I have left systems sit over night and they never finish. The part making it REALLY difficult to troubleshoot is the fact that it doesn't happen 100% of the time, sometimes the system will actually boot. Has anyone seen something similar or have any recommendations?





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