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    How long for response regarding Rootkit Detective Report?

      I sent a report log over to stinger@avertlabs.com for a rootkit report analysis.  Any clue how long it takes to get a response?

      I dont even know if its an active email account.



      I have a HP pavillion that was devastated by a virus in 2008.  I removed enough of it to get it functional and then made it a stand alone itunes terminal.

      The virus was never completely gone.  It locked the computer out of the administrator account and lost connection to the internet.


      Fast forward to 2 nights ago: 25000 songs on 3 external harddrives later, all labeled in itunes.


      not thinking, I randomly plugged in a 4th zip drive to add a song ..........and the computer renamed all the drive letters.


      my problem?


      The virus wont let me rename the drive letters


      Disc manager shows no drives.


      Hardware manager sees all the drives, but the disc manager is blank.


      As I understand it, this is due to the root virus.


      any suggestions?