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    McAfee taking resources when running Script

      I have a vbscript that access an ODBC database and writes XML files from that data.  The script runs in the cscript.exe environment at a command prompt.


      Recently we noticed some stalls that were occuring that caused the work the script does to take too long.  I assumed many other possibilities, but today after analyzing all of the other possibilities from network performance to a busy system I finally noticed that McAfee was at work here.


      Each time the script reads an order from the ODBC database, McAfee engages and busies up the CPU for 5-10 seconds.  If you continue to work in the script while this is happenning it appears that the script is having an issue and is too slow.  If you wait for McAfee to finish and then proceed the script acts as expected.


      The very curious thing about this is that it occurs before the XML is written out just after the ODBC access which is on an SMB share.  Is there anyway to tell McAfee to leave this script alone as it is impacting business operations in a way that will force us to find a different solution for AV.