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    error registering MOVE SVA with vShield


      When I setup the MOVE SVA appliance I get the attached error (yes the vshield username and password is correct )

      "error activating solution: 607"

      "Unrecognize moid"


      Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.25.15 PM.png

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          This error '"error activating solution: 607" "Unrecognize moid" indicates that the vShield Manager database already has an entry for this hypervisor.  This is not a McAfee error that can be fixed by McAfee.


          Possible solutions include:


          - Reset the vShield Manager database

          - Remove the hypervisor from vCenter, readd.  This will remove and recreate the hypervisor with vShield Manager.

          - Remove and reinstall the vShield Manager plugin for vCenter.


          Or, contact VMWare Support for indepth assistance on the vShield Manager database.

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            This will occur on vShield Manager 5.1.2 943471 due to a vCenter Inventory Synchronization issue.


            The error is "unrecognized moid", vShield Manager cannot find the managed object id for the SVA you are trying to register because it has not been able to sync with vCenter.   The newly deployed SVA VM moid has not been populated in vShield Manager


            Please upgrade to 5.1.2 997359, available for download at: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=VSP51-VCL-VCNS512A&produc tId=286&rPId=3346


            Please refer to http://kb.vmware.com/2044458 for the upgrade procedures for vCNS 5.1.2a


            Once you have verified you are running 997359, re-enter your vCenter connection settings in the vShield Manager webpage, and then retry registration of your SVA.

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              Peter M

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