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    Unable to add ELM to ESM


      I have a new device that was brought up in our UK office. When I attempt to add the device to the SIEM as an ELM ( this is based on the name given to the device) I get a popup indicating that the device is not of a correct type. Since the device is in our UK office I am not able to get to it other than via SSH. IS there anything I can do to tell what type of device it is from that SSH session? I havn't gotten any response from our facilities folks to look at it for me.



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          eM Ka



          Try to use dmidecode | less


          You should get something like this:


          Manufacturer: McAfee Inc.

          Product Name: ERC1250

          Version: ERC-1250

          Serial Number: A00000000

          UUID: 02661E5A-2B87-E011-A574-180000000000

          Wake-up Type: Power Switch

          SKU Number: To be filled by O.E.M.

          Family: To be filled by O.E.M.