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    How to create new field of event.




      By drill down, we can confirm several fields of the event, for example, Source IP, Dest IP, Source Port, Dest Port, Protocol, Signature ID, etc... as below.


      So I have a question.

      Is it possible that we create some new original field?

      If yes, I would like to know how to do it.


      The background of my question is, I would like to check the severity into ESM.

      SIEM can collect HIP events from ePO. And, as you know, the HIP event has threat severity information. (Information, Alert, Warning, etc)

      When I checked the HIP event packet at Packet tab from ESM, I can find threat severity information as below. But there is no fields corresponding to the threat severity.



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          you can add Custom Field (ESM Properties\Custom Types) and then add new parser rule, that will use this field. But in this case (events from the ePO), I think you should to create a new Product Enhancment Request, to change standard rule by the McAfee developers (https://mcafee.acceptondemand.com).




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            Most rules have a mapping from other vendors to ESM's own severity system. You can see that when viewing ASP rules in the Policy Editor.


            Basically, there is a mapping so that for example, vendor-1 will map Low to 25, Med to 50, High to 75

            While for another vendor, it may map 1 to 10, 2 to 20, etc.


            Looks like in this case ePO's value of 6 is mapped to 61 in the ESM. Possibly because severity starts at 1.

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              I beleive artek to be correct as far as the parser rule.


              However, with the level of integration between the two products, I think that more so the idea of the product enhancement to be the way to go in the long term.