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    Problem Uninstalling Anti Theft

      Good day,


      Hello I'm from the Philippines and I recently bought an ASUS Ultrabook with Windows 8 installed. I was downloading some extensions to chrome and it keeps getting an error. I searched for solutions via web and it all points out to the Anti Theft software as the problem. I need to uninstall Anti Theft for now but I keep getting errors just like the ones stated by other posts. I didn't plan on writing this post but since the solutions are PMed by the moderators, i guess I have to post one too. So can you please PM me and give a detailed instruction on how to uninstall the Anti Theft.


      And I might also comment on the device tracking service, when i looked at the device tracking history of my laptop, it points to several different locations a hundred kilometers away and I am just using my laptop at home and at the office. If my laptop got lost or stolen for real, I will have trouble locating it since the gps thingy is not very accurate here in our country. The idea and purpose behind this software is great, I would love to reinstall this Anti Theft if the above mentioned problems will be solved.

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          Definetely we will help you to recover from the current situation


          I will send a PM with detailed information about the data that needs to be collected from your machine to troubleshoo the issue.







          McAfee Team

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            Good day Kailash


            Thank you very much, the problem is solved, Anti theft was completely gone from my system. I have even installed the chrome extensions, meaning it was totlally gone, and I noticed my system got a little faster. Thank you so much for the good tech support.


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