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    Bug when adding EEPC “Encryption Recovery” as the left-most shortcut in ePO navigation bar


      If you drag the EEPC “Encryption Recovery” option as the left-most shortcut (first position) in the ePO navigation bar, then click the “Encryption Recovery” shortcut, you will be stuck in the “Encryption Recovery” screen. When you click the “Close” button it will loop back to the “Encryption Recovery” screen (since it is in the default position). When you log out and back into the web console, you will then again be stuck at the "Encryption Recovery" screen. You can modify the URL to get to the dashboard or another screen, then remove the “Encryption Recovery” shortcut from the navigation bar. Another option is to just delete that user and allow them to log back in with a default profile. Perhaps not disabling the menu or navigation bar (when in the "Encryption Recovery" screen) would be a good solution, or just not allow the “Encryption Recovery” shortcut in the default / left-most position?