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    Quick Architecture Question for hub and spoke topology

      I am looking for some help with my current EPO solution. I have two datacenters and approximately 30+ remote sites. I have a single EPO server in one of the datacenters. I setup distributed repositories at each of the sites. I use policies to connect the site systems to the local repository. Each site will have anywhere between 150 clients to 400 clients.


      I am deploying each site one at a time. I have 4 sites deployed now. I noticed that when I discover the clients at each of my sites that the network is getting hit hard. These sites have 6Mbps down and 1Mbps up dsl network connections.

      My questions is this

      1. Should I be using agent handlers at my remote sites?
      2. We are planning an upgrade of all sites to symmetric 5Mbps down/up fiber connections soon. Does this change anything?



      Thanks in advance for helping out

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          Attila Polinger



          in my opinion an agent handler could serve well in each of these site regarding the slow up connection. However before that you may also review the current ASCI frequencies of these sites and see if further and wider distribution of its frequency could make a difference or not.

          I also would consider an different type of repository mirroring method (if this is possible in terms of network access) because current mirroring via a server task (assumed) could be inheritently slower (due to HTTP method).That might also involve using "local" (and not "distributed") repositories.


          As for your second question: I can just speculate, but my in my opinion this would only stabilize which might as well be of beneficial effect if uploading is the bottleneck.