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    Windows Surface Laptops/Tablets


      I'm getting ready to setup a goup of the Surface tablets/laptops. Has anyone encrypted a surface Pro using EEPC 6.1.3? If so, did you have any problems?

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            I don't think 6.1.3 supports Windows 8 or UEFI devices. You'll need to upgrade to EEPC 7 first.


            I haven't done a Surface Pro device, however have done a Samsung Slate7 & Lenovo Helix, both running Windows8 Enterprise x64.


            Samsung Slate7:

            -This encrypted fine with EEPC7; however the pre-boot screen requires you to use the Stylus or USB device to enter credentials. The firmware on the device doesn't support the touch interface during bootup.


            Lenovo Helix:

            -This appears to encrypt fine, however after reboot the device doesn't get to the pre-boot screen. I've tried twice & had the same result. This is the first true UEFI device i've tried encrypting, so maybe i'm missing something obvious in my process. I need to log a McAfee Support ticket to try to get this sorted.

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              As others have said, the Surface Pro is a UEFI device, so you need to be using EEPC7 - but in this case, Mirosoft does not (yet) include the required UEFI pointer control drivers in their pre-boot environment, so users will not be able to login without an external keyboard etc.

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                Microsoft's latest firmware update combined with the 7.01 patch allows for touch on the surface pro during preboot....at least it has for the 6 pro's I'm using for testing in our environment.  Now if only I could figure out a way to make the keyboard big enough to be usable by humans rather than ants....


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                  Think of it as an additional level of security Jim