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    Instruction Manual;  Where to find it.

      After recent installation of All Access I have been looking for Instruction Manual, and cannot find it for download, and on-line help is not helpful. Anybody know where to find it?

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          Peter M

          The help files are online and obtained by opening All Access and clicking Help, then Help again from the options presented.


          There is no user manual as such but there is Technical Support - details HERE or linked through Useful Links at the top of this page.


          It's free by phone or online chat.


          Is there something specific you would like to know?




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            Thanks for your prompt response. I will try that sequence. I have chased all sorts of threads to no avail. My attempts to get chat or telephone help were not at all useful. The chat inquiries sent me to a telephone person. Barely understandable English, and repeated "can I put you on hold for 2 minutes" to ask someone else, then not a real answer. Never got any reply to my inquiry.

            After recent install, scanned one computer (macAir with 128 flash drive) with no threats found. Then scanned iMac (several hours), an interim note on progress screen indicated one threat found after about 700,000 files scanned. When I rechecked a half hour later, it had stopped, with message "Scanner not responding", and there was no history, record of what was done, or where to go.

            The program does not explain what it is doing, or how to set options to treat viruses, etc.  I started this new security program because of a suspicion my contacts or e-mail was compromised.

            The whole process has been frustrating.

            Thanks for your help.  Is there some tutorial or basic instruction posted somewhere?

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              Peter M

              I have asked internally if the help files are accessible online rather than through the user interface, but it'll be a while before I get an answer.


              Meanwhile there is a 'universal' help file available HERE which outlines procedures with Windows, but not MAC unfortunately.   I would imagine if it is hanging that it's stuck on unpacking a file or there is some kind of corruption causing it to stall.


              Technical Support is based in India so accents will be evident but you should get used to them pretty quickly.   The support people are excellent and you can always ask them to escalate the issue to a higher level if need be.


              I'm not familiar with MAC's at all I'm afraid, but is it possible to scan in Safe Mode perhaps?   (Do they have Safe Modes?)   In Windows one can do that simply by right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting scan.  Often hiccups like the one you are describing are overcome in that mode because the scanner has little else to compete with.

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                Will pursue some of this.

                I cannot understand why McAfee does not provide user manuals. If you read the basic manual, you get an understanding of what to expect and how to set things up. Much better than trying something and then chasing help when it does not work.

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                  Peter M

                  There used to be user guides published for everything but no more unfortunately.  That might be a good product idea which you could propose here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas


                  As far as dealing with viruses, McAfee does have a professional virus removal service but, like all vendoirs, they charge for that service.  Best to ask about how to deal with a MAC infection on  a MAC forum or a Malware forum that has a MAC section.


                  Dealing with malware is just simply too involved to be put in a manual.


                  There is a tool you could try, Stinger for MAC.  It's linked in the last link in my signature below.




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                    Peter M

                    By the way I am told by my McAfee contact that the help files accessible from the user interface on the computer, are focused around the MAC when viewed on a MAC.  I can't see them apparently because I'm viewing them on a Windows computer.