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    File Blocking


      I have 2 rules set up which prevent users from copying .mp3 files to the C and D drives. So I tested that by first trying to copy an .mp3 to my machine and it didn't work. Then I changed it to .avi and I could copy it and play the song. I could not rename it to .mp3 as per the rule which blocks new .mp3 files from being created. So if I have a user who thinks along those lines he will just rename everything and copy it. Naturally I want to prevent them from changing the name and still copying the files.  Besides blocking every media type, anyone know of a way I could prevent this?

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          Attila Polinger



          you mean blocking with VirusScan or with other security programs (McAfee) ?

          Possibly Application Control?


          There is a slight chance to be able to use Potentiall Unwanted Programs filtering, but more investigation needs be done...