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    Rollback EPO 5 install


      is there an easy way to rollback an EPO 5 install back to 4.6.x?



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          I am afraid.there is not an easy way to roll back ePO once it upgraded successfully.


          Still you can detach your DB.

          Remove ePO 5.


          Install 4.6.6.

          Remove defauld DB and ateech previos one.


          I am not sure if you export all your policies and settings and they will work with 4.6.6.Same for Agent to server communication keys as well.


          But no worries.Run a syn task and add your all systems and deploy agents over exixting one.



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            Attila Polinger



            have you made a backup of ePO 4.6.x before you upgraded it to 5.0? I see a little potential risk just detaching ePO 5 DB, removing ePO 5 and reinstalling ePO 4.6.x (latest patch) then attaching ePO 5 DB; if epo 5 db structure is not compatible with epo 4.6.x.


            But this could work after all. Just felt this ought to be noted.