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    HA Receivers.




      High-availability Receivers are used in primary/secondary mode so the secondary Receiver can swiftly take over functions when the primary Receiver fails.


      So I have a question.


      Is it possible that we structure HA by using more than 2 Receivers?




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          Receiver HA mode is configurable with two devices only.

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            Thank you for the reply.

            So, is it possible to use load balancer on the front of some Receivers?



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              This may work for syslog data sources. I can see there will be issues with bookmarks on pull data sources such as WMI, or database sources.

              For full support of this functionality you could log a PER here: https://mcafee.acceptondemand.com/index.jsp

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                Hi Jaimen,


                few months ago I explored thist subject: we are trying to prepare "semi" HA structure, based on customers distributed environment. Customer has two, geografically separated DCs, so we can't use native ERC HA funcionality. We discussed possibility od usage a load ballancers to switching the syslog devices between Receivers located in the DCs. Unfortunatelly - on that time - the answer wa: "it is not possible". First problem with that kind of structure regards the data sources configuration. As you know - ERC has iptables firewall, and to receive any data from particular data source, you have to add it to ERC. But - it is not possible to add the same device source (with the same IP address) to more than one ERC... We asked the PS about the possibility to prepare the script (manually) moving the data source definitions form one ERC to the other one, but - without success.


                So - if you are takling, that it is possible to use load ballancers for switching od syslog data sources - could you tell us more information, how to configure that funionality?