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    Hi, Here is my question.

      Hi, I've just joined to ask a question: I've just been running a scan for Windows Defender, it is supposed to happen every three days. But I'm covered by a McAfee Anti Virus program so, is this other one in order? That is my question. It is a Microsoft program and it always starts out with an orange warning colour and after the scan, it has turned to green and they tell me that everything is running OK. It is a very short scan compared to the McAfee one but is it a duplication that should not be, or is it actually part of the McAfee service? They have never said anything about it.

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          Peter M

          Windows Defender is OK to have except in Windows 8.  In that system it has morphed into an antivirus and is disabled automatically when McAfee or any other antivirus is installed and should remain that way.

          When installing McAfee in XP (if WD is installed), Vista and 7, WD is disabled automatically, but can be reactivated safely.