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    Management control commands


      Been a great move to McAfee. However, after 10-years with Postini our clients, resellers and ourselves became dependent on management batch commands. The EZcommand was used by many of our larger ISP's, which fit in great with their billing systems. Other batch commands for across the board changes for all or a subset of domains, users or server configurations was used on a regular basis, now it's become a greater task to manage more than one item at a time. Would be nice to get some of those back, as well as some additional and granular reporting from both a partner and client perspective.

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          Hello Frank!  I would be intrerested in getting some additional details from you regarding the batch commands you are used to, and their functionality.  We are always interested in hearing what would make our products more user friendly, and I would be happy to forward your ideas to our development team.


          If you wouldn't mind, could you elaborate on the details of these batch commands?


          Thank you!


          Karen Widhalm

          SaaS Email and Web Protection Technical Support Specialist

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            Being that McAfee once used Postini, I'll assume they are aware of the limited mulit-domain managment options that are not available. Onless we are completely missing it, our multi-domain clients can not admin global actions, as they were once able to do with Postini.