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    EERM USB corruption

      My company enforces EERM upon all removable media (if you want read/write access, otherwise its read only) and I have a USB drive which I use between sites so it is encrypted with our company key.


      When plugging the usb into my work pc it came up with the standard windows message "windows has detected issues, do you want it to scan and fix errors?"

      In my infinite wisdom i clicked yes.


      Now the drive is unencrypted (i.e. doesnt ask for password anymore), the files are all still encrypted (wont open and gibberish text inside), and all my folders have turned into 8kb files (unopenable of course).

      I have made a sector-by-sector backup of the usb drive in case any recovery attempts ruin it further.


      Does anybody have any ideas how i can fix this?

      There is a found directory with 7Gb of found.xxx files in it, not that a found recovery program helps because they are all encrypted and unrecognisable by the software.


      There was some extremelly important data on that drive that i would really like to recover.

      Oh and please no, "you should have backed up your data" comments, i know that already and its too late for "i told you so"


      Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give.

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          My company has been having the same thing happen to some users. We have not been able to recover the data so far, but are trying to get support on it.


          To prevent this in future, the new version,, seems to resolve this issue from occurring. When it comes up with that message and you do a scan and fix, it seems to go through and not detect or fix anything, and then unfalgs it as corrupt. Or at least, that is the behaviour so far with the new version. No trying to recover sectors, no found.xxx files, just unflags it and then acts normal again.


          Would love to know if there is a way to recover the found.xxx files though, so please post if you find anything!