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    including EEPC with ghost images


      quick quesiton: I'm assuming there are no issues with including McAfee Agent with windows 7 ghost images and my question is about including EEPC in those images too.


      Our ghost images have windows 7 and use Sysprep, Is it possible for us to include EEPC with the image, this way we don't have to go through ePO to deploy the agent to new machines and the client would sync with ePO when it comes online and is joined with the domain to assign user/policy.


      I"m thinking, offline activation of EEPC on the image but will that be an issue when the image is restored to other machines or will it be an issue with Sysprep. 


      What is your recommendation on how to include EEPC with system images that will be resored to multiple machine ? Is possible ?


      Thank you