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    cannot uninstall Anti-Theft

      I have the same problem as andrzejm. The discussion was clocked. So I created a new disccusion.


      First I installed Windows 8 which has Norton Internet Security (I just bought a new laptop yesterday). After that I wanted to use Intel Anti-Theft Service 2.0. I installed it. However, the location that software tracked was totally wrong. All folders and files I created were set only-read default. That's why I decided to uninstall it.


      When I try to uninstall Intel AT, I received the message:


      Unable to remove software

      We're sorry, there was a problem removing the software. Please try again.


      When I log in into the website I receive a message: Your device is not setup.


      I also cannot reinstall the software.


      So tired!!!!!!!!


      Please help me to uninstall it. I live in Vietnam. I cannot use phone support. So, pm me or post solutions on this discussion.


      Hope to recieve McAfee ASAP.


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              I will send the required details through PM.


             Pl respond, we will try to resolve your issue.







          McAfee Team

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            I solved it by myself. The uninstalling process had an error although I followd guide step by step. It couldn't finish. Everytime I restarted, it requested to unintall and failed. I used MCPR to remove all McAfree products. It changed Intel Anti Theft to expired one. Luckily, I didn't have much data on this new laptop, I reset laptop.


            International users should not install this software. It is such a mess to remove it and it is hard to find a support. We cannot call to US hourly to solve the problem. I don't know how about the tracking location in US, the software tracked wrong my location in Vietnam (Maps software which is integrated with Windows 8 track my location exactly). It encryped my data and I had problems to change, delete files although the status was normal (not stolen). When I uninstalled it, it needed to decrypted the data, then problem happened. I don't know if it conflicted with some software I installed after Intel AT such as utorrent, Norton Security, Microsoft Office 2010.


            This product needs more tests before releasing. Before the theft steals laptop, the customer has a lot trouble with it.


            Anyway, thank you for replying.


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              For your future reference the Worldwide phone numbers for Anti-Theft Support are linked in an announcement at the top of this AT section or here:  http://www.intel.com/support/services/anti-theft-svc/sb/CS-032771.htm

              There is a phone number for support in Vietnam but in English only.







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                I tried but I couldnot call that number. I think it need a country code before it (001?)

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                  I will report that and have it checked out.  No country code should be used as you are within the country.


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                    I would use the Technical Support online chat linked on this page http://service.mcafee.com/faq/country.html until this is fixed.  They are checking that phone number out but it may take some time as that's an Intel published page.


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