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      Hi everybody. I’m from Italy and I’ve bought a new Asus Zenbook with Windows 7pro.

      I’ve installed AT2.0 by first before all the others software like office 2010, etc..

      Since that unlucky installation the computer stared working like a Pentium rather than

      an i5 with Hybrid drive ssd hdd.  Every day there is a problem with the license code of windows

      or I’ve to wait 20minutes before the laptop starts. Programs crashes happens almost every days.

      So I’d like to uninstall this program and stop using it.

      But  I’ve seen all the post called “Nightmare uninstalling..” and so on,

      then I’m a little worried that the classic procedureof uninstalling could give a lot of problems.

      My objective is to uninstall the software and restore the laptop to its first original fabric installation

      and having cleaned up all the AT scripts in the BIOS. My nightmare in factis that the computer

      will lock himself  even after the AT uninstall or worst during it.


      My procedure till now is:

      1)I’ve already erasedand baked up all the personal data on external disks  and I’ve controlled that any of them is notencrypted.

      2)I’ve already turnedoff the file encryption option on the web console.

      3)I’ll uninstall everylicensed software on the laptop before processing the uninstall of AT


      Are there anysuggestion how to get minimum risks during uninstall?

      Thanks to all here that will write in this post.