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      I joined this community to warn others.  My computer is all but gone, meanwhile McAffee Security is telling me all the while that No Action is required, your computer is secure.       I am infected EVERYWHERE, even in Paint and System Restore and places I didn't know could be infected.        My computer is all but gone with no way to fix it except wipe EVERYTHING clean and re download Windows, etc...  I havn't the computer  skills to do this, I need a remote tech to do this or a new computer.   They have so far passed the buck to 3 different people and have now 3 different Case Numbers     There is no help.  Will someone please tell me the proper way to SUE McAffee for a new computer ?      I don't know how to do that either.  Thanx for listening.    Sincerely Lulu Q

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          How did you discover that your PC is infected? What messages did you see about this, and where did they come from? You've uploaded some output from ComboFix, but all the tech forums that I've ever seen make it quite clear that this is a tool which is only to be used when directed to do so by one of their experts. It can do a lot of damage to a computer system if used unwisely. So have you been taking advice from one of the specialist forums?

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            COMBOFIX1.pngHello, don't blame it on Combo Fix, I restored everything just the way it was with System Restore, my one restore point after turning it off and finding 29 infections from adbundles to trojans to malware to regular viruses IN my SYSTEM RESTORE, while McAffee continues to say No Action Required, and I then turned it back on and created my 1 restore point, Thank GOD.   I got here after re directing the false flash player re direct that happened instantly on trying to get here.    I was advised as a last resort to use combo fix to create a log of all infections,   not knowing it would delete everything infected and THEN show me the log. It deleted Chrome, Paint, EVERYTHING> even registry keys.    I would like to show you the 9 pages of logs Combo Fix found if I could.

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                As peter mentions and do you know what virus it is? Try some of these

                McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

                especially stinger and malwarebytes (do not load trial of full version when asked as it will upset Mcafee install)

                If you have the windows cd a reinstall of windows and rebuild is easy and surely 1 of your frinds would be able to assist. The problem is you probably need to save some pictures and documents as these might be infected.


                Be nice to see what the cause is first ie what malware.

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