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    EE AD Connector was Accidentally Deleted


      One of our admins accidentally deleted the Active Directory Connector.  I guess he didn't think we were busy enough *sigh*.  It has been years since this was setup.  What can we expect when the connector is recreated?  We have a little over 2800 users and 1300 machines.  Will the users be removed from the machines and then new accounts created and added back?  I want to get a feel for what to expect.  I probably don't want to do this until next week so we have our help desk available for any calls. 


      We are on EE 5.2.11.




      Also - is there a configuration/INI file that we could restore from the previous day's backup that has the deleted connector information?


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          If you recreate the connector and make sure it has the same identifier as the old one, and the settings are the same, nothing will happen.


          You can get the connector id from the bindings tab in any linked user.


          Yes, the connector settings are in cmsettings.ini - it only changes when you change the config so it's fairly static.