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    Test event logging

      Hello, I would like to test the event logging. What I would like to do is execute something on an end PC and have it generate an alert/get blocked. Then I want to be able to go the the ePO server and verify that the event has arrived. I have tried EICAR test files, but haven't had success with them. Any other methods? thanks!

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          Couple of things needs be to checked.


          1. When Eicar file is detected on the client machine. Do you see it detected in OAS scan log?


          2. If yes then do you see event created in the client machine's AgentEvents folder (C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\AgentEvents).


          3. If yes then please open agent monitor window and click on 'Send Events'. Do you see events are sending to ePO server.


          4. Now look at the ePO event parser log and see if the event is successfully parsed to the DB. If the event is successfully parsed to the ePO DB then you should be able to see in the ePO server.