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    GTI Feedback Warning in MEG 7.5


      We dont plan to use the GTI Feedback and because its set to disabled in the email policies we get a Warning status on the Dashboard Services page. In the documentation they instruct how to remove it but I cant follow the instructed steps as describe in meg_750_ag_a_en-us.pdf



      Task — Turn off the 'GTI feedback disabled' warning

      By default, the appliance displays a warning message if you have not enabled GTI feedback because

      McAfee considers it best practice to enable the feedback.

      1 On the appliance Dashboard, select Edit from the System Health area.

      2 Deselect the Show a warning if McAfee GTI feedback is not enabled.

      3 Click OK.





      There is no Edit


      Any help on this would be approciated as there is no use to see a warning on something we dont use we may miss out on other warnings due to false-positives