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    Deep Command and AMT - how/where do I start?

      I've downloaded the product guide for Deep Command, but it seems a bit overwhelming. Where should I start with all of this?


      Some questions:


      • Do I need a seperate server? It looks like I'm going to need some kind of certificate server, right?
      • How do I verify that I have Deep Command successfully installed?
      • What do I need to push to my client machines? I have an install package called "Migrated - Install/Update ePO Deep Command Discovery Plugin" - is that right?
      • It looks like I have a bunch of machines on my network with AMT capable infrastructure, how do I "wake them up?"


      I've watched the videos, but every time I watch them things seem to be pre-setup to make for a nice clean demonstration, and I get lost trying to figure out what's wrong/different on my network.