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    Endpoint Encryption Error (0xe0050001)

      When booting my work computer this morning I got an error 0xe0050001 - Endpoint Encryption for PC is not installed.


      I do not have any backup of the .SDB file to my knowledge.


      Is there ANY way I can either 1) Recover this .SDB file from some sort of safe-more / virtual environment and restore the damaged boot sector; 2) Recover files from my harddrive and then do a re-image; or 3) Disable (decrypt?) this McAfee booting so I can at least boot into my Windows environment and recover data


      Thanks in advance!

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          Assuming this si the McAfee enterprise product Endpoint Encryption for PCs...


          If you're booting up to this message, the high probability is you got hit by a root kit virus.


          1. No, there's no way to create your SDB now

          2. Contact your IT team, they will have that data in their corporate environment and will be able to recover your data for you

          3. Again, only your IT team can help you do this.

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            If this is a company notebook - you first should talk to it department ;-)


            if not - then maybe its a HP that got a (OEM) pre-installed encryption (in this case HP has sth like the sdb file).


            Anyway - do you get the preboot screen before the error is displayed or it is the error message the first you see?


            I'm not so sure about a rootkit virus (though there may be some itw) - but maybe you did some of the following


            - restore system to a older state / restore point (not sure how this is called in englisch windows)

            - on lenovo and maybe others: run some of the tools shiped with - e.g. recovery and restore or so

            - changed the partition of your HDD

            - how about deframentation? maybe using a 3rn party tool?
            - installed a 2nd OS / dual boot?


            well - in the past I had a lot to do with "SafeBoot" (aka EEPC <= 5.x) but now I'm not sure with EVERY error message+reason ;-)