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    artemis issue

      Hi all,


      this message keeps popping up from time to time:


      No action taken - flxwt32.exe



      Then I run a full scan on the server and nothing is ever picked up. 2 days later the same thing will appear. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this please??

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          I moved this from Endpoint Security to Malware Discussion > Artemis Discussion for better attention.

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            Vinod R

            Are you a consumer user or a corp user?.. I can see you are reffering to a server.


            if you are part of a corp submit via Portal ... you may need the grant number handy  for portal submission to occur..

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              Hi Vinod_r2 I have just looked through the portal area but I can't see anything on where to submit an incident for this. It all looks like issues regarding licensing and a lot of other topics but there doesn't seem to be a particular place where I can submit a query on malware or a virus. What categories should be selected?

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                Hello James,


                The Artemis detection (Artemis!99C49F7E4450) seen on your system has been determined to be a false. We have suppressed this detection. Kindly wait for 3 to 4 hours and then check.

                Feel free to contact us in case of any issues.