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    Rogue System Detection HTTP 404 Error


      I'm runnning ePO 4.5.6 and RSD and for whatever reason the RSD sensors are not reporting correctly. I have the RSD sensors deployed onto servers that have 2 NIC's; 1 of the NIC's is plugged into the SPAN port of core switches and the other to our domain.


      When I look at my logs for all 7 RSD servers we have, they all are getting the same error in the RSDSensor_out.log over and over again:

      [5624] INFO RSDSensor.Servercom <> - Sending data to the server at https://xx.xx.xx.x:8443/rsdsensor/engine.sm

      [5624] INFO RSDSensor.Servercom <> - The server returned HTTP status: 404

      [5624] WARN RSDSensor.Servercom <> - Server returned HTTP status failure... adding the request to the rety queue..


      I have the McAfee firewall disabled

      I have the correct port 8443 listed in the RSD policy and server.xml

      I can ping the ePO server from all 7 RSD servers (ePO SQL DB is on same server)


      Any insight or help?