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    I'm Failing at adding Trusted Applications




      I'm struggling to add a certain application to our trusted applications.


      We have a device that connects locally to one of our workstations. Once HIPS was installed on this workstation, the device could no longer communicate with the computer. Initially, I saw that there was a lot of loopback (::1) traffic blocked of IPv6. I enabled IPv6 on this station via HIPS and I started seeing more specific application blocking.


      I disabled the HIPS firewall to verify it was the issue. Once the HIPS firewall was disabled, the device could communicate once again to the workstation.


      Here is the information that is displayed in the activaty log on the station:



      Here is the application info:



      Here is my HIPS firewall trusted application configuration:




      - Any signer is specified. I have also done the above configuration in the HIPS: General Trusted Applications All Platforms section with no luck.

      - The rules are enforcing on the specified system, and it appears the policy is updating on the target station.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!