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    Failed to connect, error 10061 ( No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. )


      I've seen this error mentioned in several places but no firm answer given.


      While trying to push a replication to SADRs at a remote site we get this error within 30 seconds.  I'm pretty sure it's a block at one of the firewalls between me and my subordinate site - but not having an easy time convincing the infrastructure folks of that.  Weirder still, the SADR is talking to the EPO to get policy and DAT updates.  That leads me to believe one specific port is being blocked.


      Quick reference, here are the ports my server is configured for:


      Agent-to-server communication port:        80
      Agent-to-server communication secure port:                                                        Enabled on port                     443                                                   
      Agent wake-up communication port:        591
      Agent broadcast communication port:        8082
      Console-to-application server communication port:        8005
      Client-to-server authenticated communication port:        8443



      So here's the question, when I press START REPLICATION, which of the above ports is actually being used from the server to the client, 80?  443?