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    Content Security Reporter v2.0 - Use of multiple report servers



           I see with V2 of Content Security Reporter you now have the ability to register multiple report servers.  Has anyone deployed multiple report servers in their enviroment? 


      From my testing I have determined the following:

      You can register multiple servers, but not configure them individually.

      If you configure an ftp/http listener it runs on both systems but only works on the first registered server.  The second server prompts for a password, but does not accept the one configured for a log source.

      If you configure a syslog listener it only opens a port on the first registered server.  It does not open a port on the second server.

      If you configure a log source to retrieve logs from a webgateway, only the first registered server makes and attempt to retrieve logs.


      All this leads me to believe that you cannot configure multiple CSR reporting servers.  V1 of the CSR would not allow you to register more then one reporting server.  I would love to be able to deploy multiple CSR reporting servers to gather accept gateway logs and siteadvisor logs.


      Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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          the setup you're looing for is not supported yet. At the moment you'll need to work with one CSR added in ePO. If you want to have several CSR, you will need to setup an own ePO server for each reporter.

          But our dev. team has an FMR on their list to add multiple CSR server which would managed by a single ePO server. Have send you further details through our open support ticket.