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    Transparent (bridged) mode.


      Hi all, I am planning a McAfee Firewall deployment in Transparent (bridged) mode, I am asked to put the firewall between two switches, they have two cables connected betwen the two switches (link Aggregation) with asymmetric traffic, what is the best option in the firewall configuration?

      I mean, It is possible to set two bridges in the same firewall? It does support Asymetric traffic?

      Thanks in advance for your answer.


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          To answer your first question, it is not possible to configure two bridges on the same firewall.


          The question I have is, what do you mean asymetric traffic? Are you talking about asymetric routing, where the return traffic would get routed through another device? This can be allowed through the firewall by turning off stateful inspection, but you do lose the ability to do any inspection.


          I recommend that you take a look at the 8.3.0 Product Guide section on "Transparent (bridged) mode deployment".