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    Email Masquerading via LDAP

      Good morning guys,


      I need to do an LDAP email masquerading with email Gateway v7.5 but still have the same issue : when I test the masquerading functionnality, the result is the same email than I put in the test field.


      Below an extract of LDAP scheme and the configuration of masquerading :


      objectClass: top

      objectClass: companyMailRecipient

      cn: toto.titi

      mail: toto.titi@test.com

      mail: tototiti@test.net

      mailRoutingAddress: toto.titi@mx.uk.test.com

      dataSetNumber: 0


      The configuration of LDAP is simple and I add the following query in :



      When I test the ldap query, the masquerade works.

      But when I test the masquerade, it didn't work.


      The email masquerade is configured with the following pattern : @(mail=%email%):mail


      Could you help me to configure properly the email masquerading ?


      Thanks in advance.



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          The screenshot didn't appear so the LDAP query added in LDAP configuration is :


          Full Query String :



          Query name : Address masquerade


          Filter : (mail=%email%)

          Identity attribute : mailRoutingAddress


          Thanks for your help

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            Attila Polinger



            could you attach a screenshot of the actual address masquerading configuration (not the LDAP query you set but "option definition screen") and possibly the Test results,too, for us to look at?


            Also please state what you mean by "the masquerade did not work" - do you mean that it gives an error, it does not replace sender address with the correct replacement string at all, or replaces with incorrect value, etc.


            Thank you.



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              Hello Attila,


              You can find attached the configuration of email masquerade.


              Address Masquerade Conf.png


              The result is not an error but a wrong answer. When I test the masquerading, I would like to have the good result (toto.titi@mx.uk.test.com in my exemple) but I always have the same result who are identical as the email I check.


              Current masquerading test who didn't work :

              toto.titi@test.com    -->   toto.titi@test.com


              Masquerading I would like to :

              toto.titi@test.com   -->   toto.titi@mx.uk.test.com


              Thanks for your help.



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                Attila Polinger



                I think the search pattern should be toto.titi@test.com and not the one you are now using. The logic I see in recipient adress aliasing is that the appliance looks for a certain pattern (which can be regex, too) in email headers (specified in the advanced section), and replaces with a direct string or a string as a result from an LDAP query.


                So in my opinion you should replace the Search pattern value with the email address you want to replace and re-try.

                Testing may result in success because you can specify directly what to look for and LDAP query runs, but in real situation the @(mail=%email%):mail string may not be found. (Is that supposed to be a regex? I checked regex reference but could not evaluate to toto.titi@test.com)