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    Agent 4.6 still has all branches after Agent 4.8


      I have agent 4.8 in my Master Repository. And I've checked it into my Eval and Current branches. I can see this in the MR view. The previous version is 4.6. So I have 3 lines in the MR view for the Windows agent.  However when I look in Software Manager there are two products...McAfee Agent 4.6 and McAfee Agent 4.8.  This is normal. But the branches for the Windows agents exist in the 4.6 "level". If I go to 4.8 there is nothing in the column for Checked in version on the  "Install - Windows" line. And if I Check it in it gets checked into the 4.6 agent. This is the same thing for MacOSX and Linux Agents and extensions that were in the 4.6 "level".


      I guess this makes me wonder what makes version 4.8 get preference over 4.6 since they are two different products?


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