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    Stop McAfee Pop-ups offering tips or guidance

      Over the last 2-3 weeks I've been getting McAfee Pop-ups in the bottom rights corner of my screen asking if I need help with some part of the program.  These pop-ups seem to be oriented to a new user.  I've had the security center installed for 2 years, and these pop-ups have started up out of the blue.  They sit on my screen until I manually choose an option to turn each one off.  Then it or another pop-up will occur a couple of hours later.


      Does anyone know how to turn these off for good?


      I tried McAfee support and the person ignored what I was trying to tell him, "checked" my computer to see if the program was up to date and then told me there was nothing wrong - sigh!


      So I'm asking users how they have fixed this.